Oversea Atlantic

RDC is exploring the concept of establishing an ocean and ice observation R&D facility at Cape Bonavista, in Newfoundland and Labrador. The facility will provide a test bed for researchers and industry with interests in iceberg tracking, profiling and drift modeling, sea state observation and prediction, and radar, sensor and communications system validation.

Bonavista provides an ideal location for ocean and ice related research, and the iceberg activity sets this facility apart as being the only open access location in the world with seasonal iceberg observation opportunities. Bonavista experiences ice pack and iceberg activity from March – July, and is only a short 3.5 hour drive from St. John’s International Airport.

Pilot Project

A pilot project is planned for the 2017 ice season (May-July) during which an array of shore and ocean based equipment will be used to collect data on icebergs, sea state, weather and currents.

The goal of the pilot is to validate the location and equipment requirements for a successful year-round ocean and ice observation research & test facility.

The equipment currently planned for the pilot includes:

  • X-Band Radar w/ AIS, weather station, long-range camera with thermal capability
  • Bottom mounted wave & current profilers
  • Wave & current surface buoy

If you are interested in participating in the pilot with equipment or projects, please contact us!

Pilot Milestones

Key pilot project milestones:

  • March 2017: Project sanctioned
  • Mid-April 2017: Establish site infrastructure (electrical service)
  • 1st May 2017: Facility operational
  • July 2017: Asset recovery & data analysis
  • End July 2017: Pilot completed

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