Coastal Exposure Materials Testing Services

RDC’s Coastal Exposure offers real world, year-round field testing toward developing solutions and technologies that protect vital industry assets. This accessible, exposed coastal facility is located in Argentia, NL, at the edge of the North Atlantic Ocean, and is a 90 minute drive from several globally recognized R&D facilities and institutions. Coastal Exposure is a facility managed by R&D Solutions, a division of RDC.

Joint Industry Project

Coastal Exposure is pleased to offer a low cost way to determine how your coating product performs in northern, marine environments in direct comparison to other coating systems. For more information on our coatings joint industry project (JIP), click here.

The call for participants will close on May 31, 2017.

Upcoming Events and Trade Shows

The Coastal Exposure team has no upcoming events or trade shows.

Testing Services

We work closely with clients to develop research projects and testing plans suited to their needs. From R&D collaborations to full service engineering corrosion expertise, RDC has the flexibility to support a broad range of projects in the marine, construction, utilities, automotive, energy, aerospace, and manufacturing industries.

Our Facility 

  • A secure laboratory for materials and corrosion research and testing
  • Four acres of land to host testing, from standard coupons to large scale infrastructure
  • Dedicated weather station on site for real time data collection
  • Year round accessibility

Our Services

  • Exposure of standard specimens to a cold, highly corrosive and harsh marine environment
  • Exposure of large nonstandard specimens (concrete, air conditioners, pumps, long pipe sections, vehicles, hull sections, etc.)
  • Sea water immersion and splash zone testing
  • Standard tests that examine coating degradation and mass/thickness loss of metal samples

 Standard Tests:

  • Atmospheric exposure: ASTM G50, ISO 8565
  • Visual inspections:
    • Rusting: ASTM D610, ISO 4628-3
    • Blistering: ASTM D714, ISO 4628-2
    • Cracking: ASTM D661, ISO 4628-4
    • Flaking: ASTM D772, ISO 4628-5
    • Chalking: ASTM D4214, ISO 4628-6
    • Checking: ASTM D660
    • Corrosion around scribed surfaces: ASTM D1654, ISO 4628-8
    • Erosion: ASTM D662
    • Microbial growth: ASTM D3274
  • Instrumented tests
    • Pull off strength: ASTM D4541, ISO 4624
    • Dry film thickness measurements: ASTM D7091, ISO 2808 (ferrous and non-ferrous substrates)

Extreme Environment

Coastal Exposure is located in the exposed headlands of the southern Avalon Peninsula in Newfoundland and Labrador. This location is one of the harshest and most corrosive environments in North America.

  • 200 days of fog per year
  • Year-round average humidity of 75%
  • Mean annual wind speed 18 mph (29 km/hr)
  • Mean monthly max wind speed 63 mph (101 km/hr)
  • Mean annual temp 43 °F (6 °C)
  • Estimated at a minimum C5M classification (ISO 9223)


Coastal Exposure Brochure

Coastal Exposure 2016 Presentation

Coastal Exposure 2016 Environmental Data


For information please contact:

Nancy Winchester, PhD, MSETM
p. +1.709.697.4847

Julie Saunders, P.Eng
p. +1.709.725.0242