The RF and DSP Laboratory aims to build capacity, enhance sensor development and provide new test and measurement services in the province. The ensemble of modern, leading edge test equipment will open new opportunities for the next generation of test and measurement experts in the province. Benefits are anticipated for C-CORE and other organizations developing technologies that need to be validated for operation in harsh, northern marine environments. The laboratory is also expected to help attract the next generation of highly qualified personnel (HQP) where they can avail of well-equipped facilities, expertise and access to the end user community as they learn required skills. While the oil and gas industry with interests in harsh marine environments are the initial target markets for this capability, there are a number of other markets that rely on sensors and the information generated for safe and efficient operation. These markets include: Offshore installations; Shipping company operations in ice infested waters; Logistics supply to the North over rivers and lakes; National ice services; Ice breakers for overall feasibility of routes and optimum selections; and, Northern communities with near shore ice floes.

C-CORE is aware of the value of this facility to SMEs in the province engaged in sensor research. Therefore, C-CORE will make the facility available SMEs for their research needs. By making the equipment available to the community at no cost, SME competitiveness is enhanced by exhibiting increased expertise and capacity at no additional cost. C-CORE will also make its researchers available to SMEs and Memorial University to facilitate more effective use of the equipment.