Compusult Limited (Compusult) markets a suite of standards-based applications for geospatial data discovery, access, fusion, visualization, and dissemination called Web Enterprise Suite (WES). Compusult recently developed two new components, WES IoT Platform and WES SensorHub, which gather information from different sensor systems and make it available on a single-user basis. Through this project, Compusult will develop significant enhancements to these components that will allow users to connect to and source real-time information from multiple mobile, static and body-worn sensors of various types via the Internet (i.e., as a secure, standards-based Internet of Things solution). The challenges facing the company in this project focus on broadening the WES IoT Platform and WES SensorHub to enable efficient gathering, filtering and dissemination of disparate sensor data simultaneously for multiple users. Compusult will continue to target its existing markets (Aerospace, Defence & Security and Oil & Gas) with this technology, but also specifically address the needs of first responder organizations (i.e., police, fire, paramedics, border security, etc.) that manage emergency and critical situations.