SULIS Subsea Corporation (SULIS) specializes in deep-ocean camera technology, and is based in Mount Pearl, Newfoundland and Labrador. They cater to clients requiring the highest level of optical quality in some of the harshest underwater environments, with the belief that the pressures of the deep should not crush your standards. The footage SULIS’s cameras produce can be found anywhere from leading science labs to IMAX screens, to live streams from Remotely Operated Vehicle control rooms to millions of online viewers. Through this project, the company plans to develop three new underwater imaging technologies that will continue building upon its elite camera, lighting, and data processing systems. SULIS’s goal is to meet the needs of newly-identified target areas, surrounding ocean science, exploration, environmental characterization, broadcast/film-making, and tourism/outreach. To assist with penetration of these markets, the company will be collaborating with multiple industry partners during development and testing of these three new technologies.