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Program Description

IgniteR&D supports academic-led research and invests in new or first-time academic researchers to start R&D activities in Newfoundland and Labrador.

IgniteR&D provides up to 100% of total eligible costs of a specific proposal, with a maximum RDC investment of $100,000 for up to two years. Proposed R&D projects must demonstrate industry relevance and have potential for long-term economic impact in Newfoundland and Labrador. Through the IgniteR&D program, RDC targets investments in the following areas: energy, ocean technology, natural resources (minerals & mining, fisheries, aquaculture, forestry and agriculture), manufacturing, health and life sciences and information and communication technologies.

Eligibility Criteria

Eligible institutions are publicly-funded academic or not-for-profit research institutes and facilities in Newfoundland and Labrador. Private sector and federal government research organizations are
ineligible to apply.

Applicants must hold full-time positions for two or more years at an eligible institution. Applicants from Memorial University of Newfoundland must apply within 12 months of their initial appointment date to an eligible research position.

Successful applicants are required to submit external grant applications within 18 months of the start date of the IgniteR&D project. Applicants that have previously received RDC funding are ineligible to apply.

Eligible Project Costs

  • Initial capital costs: equipment and minor laboratory renovations required to establish a research lab for a new researcher.
  • Wages and salaries for highly-qualified personnel: research assistants, graduate student researchers and post-doctoral fellows.
  • Initial operating funds tied to a defined research project (can include travel for research purposes, collaboration and dissemination of results).

Funding requests should be appropriate in scale for the proposed project and the immediate associated research requirements of the applicant.

Costs incurred prior to receipt of application by RDC are ineligible.

Project Timelines

The maximum duration of any project is two years. The project must commence within three months of approval.

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