Research and Development (R&D) is critical to driving economic and social development in Newfoundland and Labrador. The R&D landscape in the province offers world-class R&D infrastructure and is well-positioned for continued R&D growth into the future.

RDC works closely with R&D performers, R&D institutions, businesses, stakeholders, and governments to strengthen research and development in the province.

Business: RDC works with industry to increase its R&D capacity, productivity, and competitiveness to grow, diversify and strengthen Newfoundland and Labrador’s economy. To achieve this, RDC offers a range of R&D programs and targeted initiatives aimed at enhancing business growth and development opportunities.

Academia: RDC works with academia to identify and deliver R&D projects with industry relevance, develop new or expand existing R&D infrastructure and equipment, and develop highly-qualified researchers and students. RDC also works to facilitate local, national, and international collaborative R&D projects with business to drive commercialization of research outcomes.

Government: RDC collaborates with Provincial and Federal Government partners to develop R&D policy and advance strategic initiatives that maximize potential long-term economic benefits for Newfoundland and Labrador. RDC also works with Federal Government departments and agencies as a co-funding partner on R&D projects to leverage national programs supporting R&D.


“Some of the world’s most successful innovation-based economies with challenges similar to Canada’s have employed critical intermediary research and technology organizations to help drive commercialization and increase business expenditures on R&D. They have proven successful in helping bridge the innovation gap between university-based discovery.” – National Research Council